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Reality and Marijuana Seeds


     The online store started operating in the fall of 2012. Along with our development and the desire to meet the needs of online store customers, we invested and developed the traditional form of sales - stationary stores. Currently purchased seeds can be picked up in person at our stores located in Łódź (ul. Brzeźna 3), Kraków (ul. Okulickiego 51) and Kielce (Centrum). What does it mean?

That each customer can visit our store in person, see or touch the packaging of seeds and choose the variety on the spot. And there is a lot to choose from. In our offer you will find the best collector's cannabis seeds. Our permanent offer includes varieties of marijuana seeds from many world-famous producers and leaders in the seed industry. As a reliable company, we have the right to be a direct and official distributor of seed banks such as: Royal Queen Seeds, Barneys Farm, Dutch Passion, Green House Seeds, Female Seeds, Victory Seeds, Dinafem Seeds and many other well-known cannabis seed companies.


     Our store greatly appreciates its customers, wanting to provide them with the best possible conditions and full security. The Seedfarm website uses an SSL certificate that encrypts the personal data provided when shopping on the site. What's more, all information about the customer is automatically deleted from the system as soon as we receive information that our shipment has been delivered to the addressee. Another factor that maximizes the security of purchases in us is the server, which is located in the Netherlands. We have been on the market since 2012 and we are still constantly striving to increase the efficiency of shopping in our store, at the same time trying to provide our customers with the highest quality products, delivered in the shortest possible time with complete safety of purchases.


     Due to the direct cooperation with producers of marijuana seeds from around the world, we only offer products in original packaging, in a variety of options. When buying on our website, you will receive information on the method of packing the seeds (usually the seeds are packed in 3, 5 and 10 seeds), the price in terms of the number of seeds in the package and all information necessary to properly classify the seeds in your collection, i.e. the genetics of marijuana seeds, yield size, ripening time or THC and CBD content. As a company that supplies seeds only directly from the producer (eg Dutch Passion, Green House Seeds), we are obliged to have a full assortment in terms of varieties and the amount of marijuana seeds in the package. And that's why you can easily buy seeds in manufacturer's packaging containing 50 or 100 seeds. We also have MEGA packs of 500 and 1000 seeds from Royal Queen Seeds.


     It is worth visiting the SeedFarm website often, because we almost always have a pool of seeds covered by price reductions as well as various other discounts (product of the day, seed doubling, additional free gadgets, discount coupons for subsequent purchases and many others).


     When you buy from us, you can be sure that you will receive the product you choose, in its original packaging, along with a large number of gadgets, catalogs, and all this in the shortest possible time with complete safety. We work with courier companies: UPS and DPD. It is also possible to deliver the parcel via Poczta Polska as well as send it to the selected Inpost parcel locker. More information on other delivery / pickup options can be found in the Delivery and Pickup tabs. Our parcels do not contain our shop's emblems. They are also not covered with the company tape, the packaging does not in any way suggest what its content is. In our opinion, discretion also means security.





      All the seeds in our offer are intended for collecting purposes, in addition, a prerequisite for purchase is 18 years of age. The sale / purchase of marijuana seeds as well as the mere possession of them is fully legal in Poland. The seeds do not contain any prohibited substances. However, the cultivation / breeding as well as the germination of marijuana seeds in accordance with the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction is illegal and punishable by imprisonment.




     First, some background information on marijuana. We will try to specify exactly what this quite common and audible term is, which will allow us to distinguish marijuana seeds from the popular (industrial) hemp seeds. As it turns out, not all cannabis seeds are marijuana seeds. Simply put, marijuana is dried and sometimes fermented inflorescences (many times with a small admixture of leaves) of female cannabis plants containing psychoactive substances from the cannabinoil group, mainly tetrahydrocannabinol, i.e. the popular THC. The hemp from which marijuana is made is not the type of hemp whose grains / seeds can be found in almost every health food store or in supermarkets in the eco section. Seeds used in the food industry are grains of fibrous hemp, the cultivation of which, unlike the cultivation of marijuana, is legal in the territory of the Republic of Poland. These crops concern cannabis varieties in which the concentration of the already mentioned THC is not higher than 0.2%. Currently, the list of permitted varieties includes several entries. In addition, when deciding on such cultivation, several requirements must be met, such as registration with the office and several formal matters regarding, inter alia, the selection of varieties and the place of disposal of waste from the cultivation. However, you should read the deadlines set by the office in advance, because if the deadline is exceeded, we will have to wait as much as another 12 months. In the event that the concentration of THC in a plant significantly exceeds the requirements of Polish law, sometimes even more than a hundred times, the cultivation of such plants is prohibited. Importantly, both the sale and possession of marijuana seeds is legal in Poland, as in most European countries. These seeds come mainly from the Netherlands and Spain, but we can also find Czech producers and strong American varieties. The oldest seed companies come from the Netherlands, and such brands include: Dutch Passion, Sensi Seeds, Female Seeds, Green House Seeds and the popular Royal Queen Seeds. They are some of the most popular "makers" of marijuana seeds. However, we must know that there are many companies involved in the production of seeds on the market.


     In Poland, marijuana seeds are sold as collector's products. Due to the fact that they are not legal in every country, when deciding on this type of hobby, you should first read the local law. The dilemma of every novice collector is what seeds to choose. And here the problem arises, because each producer offers from a dozen to several dozen varieties of marijuana seeds. The second most common problem is how many seeds of a given variety to choose, due to the wide variation in packaging. Producers most often pack seeds in packages of 3, 5 or 10 pieces. However, we also find individually originally packed seeds as well as those in packages of 100 pieces in one. Another difficulty is choosing whether they should be autoflowering varieties or ordinary so-called feminized.


     Many of us ask ourselves, "Where to buy marijuana seeds?" And the first thing that comes to mind is the omniscient Internet. On the websites, we can find many Polish stores offering the sale of seeds. By carefully searching google, you will also find the websites of producers who also sell seeds. However, in this case the barrier is the price for seeds converted in Euro and the shipping cost itself.

     Nevertheless, experienced collectors do not look at the price of seeds first, but at the most important factors, i.e. safety. That is why we sincerely recommend our store, i.e. the experience resulting from the opening of the store in 2012, seed quality, i.e. direct cooperation with producers, speed of order fulfillment - we work in our warehouse and the possibility of personal collection in one of our stores (Cannabis seeds Krakow, Kielce, Łódź) and also in delivery to a selected city in Poland - details by phone.

     Please be advised that this article is purely informative, we do not encourage anyone to sprout or grow marijuana seeds, as it is illegal in UK.


The law of the United Kingdom allows you to collect marijuana seeds, but their sprouting and cultivation is not allowed.


     When deciding and wanting to collect marijuana seeds, you should first familiarize yourself with the local law, as hemp seeds are not legal in all countries. We must know that the seeds do not contain any illegal substances, do not have a psychoactive effect and are not considered a drug. They are not a narcotic substance, a precursor and no special rules are applied to them in the act.

      Cannabis seeds have the status of collectibles. Currently, we can find many stores offering these collector's items, most of them are online (mail order) stores, some of them also have their stationary counterparts, which are located in the largest cities in Poland and Europe. The goal of each collector is to have the largest possible pool of valuable and unique exhibits. The same is true for seeds. Extensive collection is a safeguard that allows to avoid or minimize the probability of extinction of a given combination of genes, in this case a variety. There are many seed banks around the world, including the Norwegian-based World Seed Bank, which is financed by state finances, with the goal of stocking plant seeds from around the world.



    There are several basic divisions of marijuana according to its properties, externalities and effects. The basic and most recognizable division of cannabis seeds is the division into regular seeds and feminized seeds.

Regular seeds are seeds of dioecious plants, i.e. plants having both sexes at the same time. This feature allows cannabis to survive, thanks to which it can, depending on the prevailing environmental conditions, change its sex during its growth.

Feminized seeds, i.e. those that you can find the most in the offer (you can also buy regular seeds if only the producer we work with has such seeds in their offer) are created as a result of the feminization process, which consists in persuading a specific female plant to produce male pollen. as a result, seeds are formed. The plants themselves are grown so that they contain only female chromosomes, which allows you to be sure that the obtained plants will also produce feminized seeds, which will allow you to get a female plant, i.e. one whose inflorescences will be abundantly covered with THC-rich resin.

A frequently asked question is "How can I be sure cannabis seeds are feminized?"

The methods currently used by seed producers allow almost one hundred percent certainty to produce feminized marijuana seeds, i.e. those that produce female cannabis plants. These seeds were gradually deprived of the tendency regarding the dioecious properties, proper breeding eliminated the possibility of pollination. Occasionally, the cannabis plant tries to produce stamens at its inception, but this tendency should fade away within a few days. Standardization and stabilization of varieties guarantees the security of obtaining a variety with the characteristics specified by the producer.

In addition to dividing marijuana seeds into feminized and regular, they are often accompanied by the concept of autoflowering, i.e. automatic flowering. This is true for autoflowering feminized strains. Automats, because this is what these plants are commonly called, regardless of the intensity of the light, they automatically go into the flowering phase after some time. The advantages of this type of varieties over standard feminized varieties are undoubtedly the ease of cultivation, the speed of flowering and sometimes also productivity. However, the productivity concerns only selected autos as, as a rule, full-season (feminized) varieties provide a higher yield.

Feminized varieties usually have much higher yields, can be much higher than autos (though not always), and the THC level can be much higher.

Another type of division of marijuana is based on genes, i.e. Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. The varieties differ in this case both in terms of appearance and characteristics. Indica varieties, along with the growth of genes of this type, show highly relaxing and relaxing features, they can cure insomnia, anorexia, often used in medicine. Plants of this kind are much shorter than Sativas, highly branched, stocky, resembling a Christmas tree. On the other hand, Sativa, in addition to being much taller, soaring, blooming much longer than Indica, also gives euphoric effects, stimulates and strengthens creative thinking, also often used in medicine.




The cannabis seed store seedfarm is the official distributor of many well-known seedbanks from around the world, we directly cooperate and represent cannabis seed producers such as Dutch Passion, Royal Queen Seeds, barneys Farm, Green House Seeds, Female Seeds, Victory Seeds and many others. Below is a short description of the producers we work with. Additionally, some information on the most popular and best-selling varieties.


Barney's Farm

Barney's Farm was founded in 1986 and belongs to one of the oldest producers of marijuana seeds in the world, its headquarters is located in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, the brand owns its legendary Coffee Shop in Amsterdam - Barney's Farm Coffee Shop. The founder of the Barney's Farm brand is Derr, who has traveled all over the world since the early 1980s in order to collect the best genes that can be used to create new, own varieties. Barney's Farm is based on genes from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Nepal, China and Nepal.

The best-selling varieties of Barney's Farm are: Amnesia Lemon, Blueberry OG, Critical Kush, Gorilla Zkittlez, LSD, Liberty Haze, Laughing Buddha, G13 Haze, Dr. Grinspoon, 8 Ball Kush and slots such as Auto Critical Kush, LSD Auto, Pineapple Express Auto, Auto Sweet Tooth and Auto SinTraBajo.

In addition, in the case of medical varieties with a high CBD content, you should undoubtedly pay attention to such items as CBD Lemon Potion Auto and CBD Critical Cure.


Buddha Seeds

The manufacturer of marijuana seeds, the Buddha Seeds brand, comes from Spain, and has been on the market for over 10 years. Its offer includes a dozen or so varieties created by its own specialists. This is very important because thanks to this these varieties are extremely peculiar and unique. Buddha Seeds is characterized by a multitude of specialists who have been operating in the industry for many years, thus combining work with passion, and as it is commonly known, the results of such a combination are always the best. In addition, Buddha Seeds works with other seedbanks to help them create unique varieties.

The best-selling Buddha Seeds strains include Auto Magnum, Auto Calamity Jane, High Season Kraken as well as a high CBD and low THC medical variety, Medikit and Medikit Autoflowering.


Dinafem Seeds

Dinafem Seeds is probably one of the most recognizable cannabis seed producers in the world, the products have been available since 2006, in 2011 they were already available in every country in Europe. The brand's reputation is due to very stabilized varieties, 100% feminized. In addition, the variety of varieties means that even the most demanding collectors will find something for themselves. Currently, Dinafem Seeds offers several dozen varieties, both full-season and slot machines.

Dinafem Seeds sales hits are undoubtedly: Critical 2.0 + and Critical 2.0+ Auto, Moby Dick and its autoflowering counterpart Moby Dick XXL Auto, Amnesia XXL Auto, OG Kush.


Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is one of the most popular marijuana seed producers in the world, very good quality, stability and variety of varieties are what characterize this seedbank. In 2017, it celebrated its 30th anniversary. Such a long experience on the market ensures that we will receive the highest quality marijuana genetics with a high content of THC. Dutch Passion places great emphasis on perfectionism in customer service. It is worth adding that 30 years of experience is only a formal number, the company was officially established in 1987, but the company's first conquests in order to obtain and select the best genes began in the 1970s. The manufacturer has so far received over 50 different awards. Dutch Passion offers standard feminized varieties, including well-known outdoor items and many interesting autoflowering varieties. The most famous Dutch Passion varieties are: Mazar, Blueberry, Euforia, White Widow, The Ultimate. In addition, great typical outdoor varieties such as Passion # 1, Durban Poison, Shaman as well as the legendary AutoMazar, ThinkDifferent, AutoUltimate, Auto Blueberry or Auto Euforia slots.


Female Seeds

The Female Seeds brand has been on the market for several decades. They were among the first to produce marijuana seeds, initially on behalf of other companies, then decided to start their own company. The biggest "boom" for their seeds began in 2003 and since then they have gained great popularity and a lot of loyal fans. Their offer includes several dozen varieties, including the well-known group of outdoor varieties which include cult varieties such as Easy Sativa, Maroc, and Grapefruit Outdoor.

The best-selling varieties of Female Seeds are: all their outdors, i.e. Easy Sativa, Maroc, Purple Maroc, Red Purps, Grapefruit Outdoor. Auto AK, Iced Grapefruit, Lemon Kush and WWxBB are also popular.


Green House Seeds

Green House Seeds is another of the legendary brands producing cannabis seeds, its ambassadors are, among others, Snoop Dogg and Rihanna. This alone proves the credibility of Green House Seeds. On the Internet you can find a lot of information related to their famous Coffee Shop in Amsterdam. They have grabbed loads of prizes, including the High Times Cannabis Cup, they have won more than 40 times, and the Highlife Cup several times. Currently, they are increasing the number of awards at the cups in the United States and Spain. Green House also focuses on social media marketing, on YouTube you can find a lot of videos from their expeditions related to the search for new strains. Green House Seeds has many varieties of Haze.

The most popular varieties of Green House Seeds are: Big Bang, Kalashnikova, Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze and their autoflowering counterparts. In addition, the already mentioned Haze varieties such as Silver Haze, Arjan's Haze. They also offer 10 varieties of medical marijuana with an increased CBD content.


Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is currently one of the largest producers of marijuana seeds, if not the largest. The company was founded over 20 years ago in the Netherlands. It is currently based in Spain, namely in Barcelona. A very dynamically developing seedbank that offers over 60 varieties. And further systematically expanding its range of products with new, unique varieties. The newest is the Royal Gorilla variety, which according to their research has up to 26% THC, and Royal Gorilla Autoflowiering (2018), and the 2019 varieties such as Hulkberry, Purple Queen, Fat Banana, Sweet Zkittlez, Sherbet Queen, North Thunderfuck, Legendary Punch, Green Punch, Wedding Gelato, Green Gelato. RQS strains have already won many Cups, including the High Times Cannabis Cup and the Highlife Cup. In Poland, Royal Queen Seeds is one of the top 3 best-selling seedbanks. It is similar in other European countries.

Due to the multitude of varieties of cannabis seeds by Royal Queen Seeds, many varieties can be distinguished, but the most popular are: Amnesia Haze, Royal Dwarf, Critical, Northern Light, Royal AK, Special Queen and Royal AK Automatic, Royal Amnesia Haze Automatic, Northern Light Automatic . In addition, you should pay attention to their medical marijuana varieties, both Fem and Auto, including the new variety Solomatic (2019) where the CBD level fluctuates around 21% with a CBD level of about 1%!


Sensi Seeds

Another of the top producers of marijuana seeds, Sensi Seeds, is a family business that was founded in 1985. A family approach goes hand in hand here with great passion. They have had the same goal for years, i.e. development, protection and popularization of the joy that cannabis gives. Sensi Seeds was founded by Ben Dronkers, his first cut in the field of cannabis cultivation was already in 1975, three of which he later watched and collaborated with farmers, botanists and scientists in the field of biology. He concluded that the most important thing is strong and stable genes, only then the conditions and the methods used. In the early 1980s, he traveled all over the world to collect the best seeds. His travels are mainly in Asia, and more precisely in Hindu Kush, Tibet and Afghanistan. Already in these years, his first proprietary varieties Haze and Skunk were created. It is worth mentioning that Sensi Seeds had a huge impact on the development of the industry in Europe, and thus also around the world. The offer includes many varieties of Skunk, which are considered the best in the world.

The most popular Sensi Seeds strains are: Sensi Skunk, Skunk # 1, Early Skunk, Big Bud, Super Skunk Automatic, Skunk # 1 Autmatic.


Strain Hunters

Strain Hunters is the work of three famous travelers and experts who have thoroughly documented many of their expeditions. We are talking about Ariana, Franco and Simon from Green House Co. This Seedbank was established in 2013. Currently, it offers 10 varieties, all feminized. The expeditions can be seen on their youtube channel where they visit various plantations gaining practical knowledge. Expeditions are aimed at collecting and selecting the best seeds to be able to create unique original projects from them. Their keynote is to change views about cannabis and to fight the ignorance surrounding cannabis and its properties. "This plant has the strength and power to change the world!" With this message, passion and love for cannabis, you can really achieve a lot.

The most frequently purchased varieties of Strain Hunters are: Money Maker, Afgooey and White Strawberry Skunk.


Sweet Seeds

The Spanish producer of Sweet Seeds cannabis seeds was established in 2005, the current headquarters is located in Valencia, near the newly built football stadium of CF Valencia. It is one of the first seedbaks in Spain, they have already gained fame with their first variety - Black Jack. It is commonly believed that they possess one of the most stable automatons. In Poland, they are still gaining new customers, but in Western Europe they are already at the forefront of cannabis seed sellers.

The most popular Sweet Seeds varieties are: Auto Big Devil XL, Auto Sweet Cheese, Auto Cream Mandarine and the aforementioned Auto Black Jack.


Victory Seeds

Victory Seeds is still a relatively unknown producer of cannabis seeds, but this status will soon change. The company is developing very quickly, its offer includes 50 varieties, including as many as 26 varieties of Autoflowering. This producer offers most of the known varieties of cannabis. A feature of their varieties are strong, highly stabilized genes. Victory Seeds focuses on the selective breeding of the most famous strains from around the world. An additional advantage is the price. When comparing quality to price, it's hard to find a better manufacturer. The most widely sold varieties of Victory Seeds are: Auto Ak-77V, Auto Amnesia Haze, Auto Biggest Bud, Auto Mazar, Auto Ultra Power Plant, Auto White Russian XXL, Auto White Widow, Auto Northern Light and their full-season counterparts.


Anaconda Seeds

The creator of this brand presents himself as an exclusive brand that offers the best quality genes. Over the years, specialists with extensive experience have created varieties that have now been released to the market so that everyone can enjoy their unique features. The varieties are very stable, which allows you to be sure of what you get. The most popular are: Anaconda, Autoflowering Anaconda, Northern Sky Autoflowering, Russian Gold.


Life Seeds

Life Seeds is a fairly new seedbank. We got to know the first varieties about 7 years ago. It is characterized by a multitude of feminized and feminized autoflowering varieties. All varieties of very good quality with high yield at a very good price! Life Seeds, due to its low price and unprecedented quality, very quickly unites the mass of customers. If the quality is maintained, it has great makings of a market leader.

For Life Seeds, the hits are AK, Northern Light, White Widow, Power Plant, Amnesia Haze and autoflowering strains such as Auto Northern Light, Auto AK, Auto Black Jack, Auto Jack Herer, Auto Power Plant.


These are just selected seedbanks, more in the PRODUCERS tab.

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